November 6, 2018

The 5th NACHI & ART-HIKARI Private Technologies Show to be held on 13 and 14 of December, 2018. We are going to hold the 5th NACHI & ART-HIKARI Private Technologies Show at ART-HIKARI's New Factory for 2 days on 13th (Thu) and 14th (Fri) of December, 2018. The latest developed technologies and many patent technologies will be exhibited and demonstrated. For details, please refer to this flyer. We are looking forward to your visit.

April 16, 2018

“Japan International Welding Show 2018” is scheduled to be held at Tokyo Big Site from April 25 (Wed) through 28 (Sat). At the booth of Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation (E3024 in East Hall 3), we display and demonstrate Robot-mounted Seam Welders, Robot Gun for Aluminum Material, “AH-1” Low-pressure One-sided Spot Welder and Tensile Testing Machine. We are eagerly looking forward to your visits.

March 22, 2017

We participate in the 13th MACS (Multisystem Exhibition for Smart Air-Conditioning and Sanitation) held at the Tokyo Big Site on March 28, 29 and 30. This time, we display and demonstrate our new portable gun with our built-in transformer and with our special system called FFHC (Flexible Frequency & Heat Control) installed.
Other than galvanized steel sheets, we are now able to easily weld such difficult-to-weld materials as Galvalume (Steel sheets with Al-Zn coating) and SuperDyma (High corrosion resistance hot dip Zn-Al-Mg steel sheets).

We are looking forward to your visit.

July 20, 2016

We, ART-HIKARI Co., Ltd., signed with NADEX Co., Ltd. in Nagoya for technical tie-up on July 7, 2016. We are going to provide them with our technology for aluminum welding. By installing the technology of ours, NADEX will be able to double their production speed. They plan to introduce the “ART-inside” welders on the market next year. Their initial sales target will be 500 sets per year.
Aluminum is light in weight but difficult in welding. Every single car manufacturer is aiming at reducing vehicle weight by using aluminum for as many components as it can, resulting in the fuel economy performance being more improved and cars being more eco-friendly.
The new “ART-inside” NADEX welders are able to weld aluminum at the speed of one spot per second. It actually takes half the time needed for any other welders of the competitors while completely achieving the car body strength required. In consequence, a car production line will be able to reduce the number of necessary aluminum welders from 12 units to 6 units. The “ART-inside” NADEX welder is expected to be priced around JPY10,000,000.
Thus, adopting ART-HIKARI’s aluminum-weld technology that finely controls pressure and electric current, NADEX has finally come to develop their new cutting-edge welder.

March 15, 2016

Japan International Welding Show 2016 is scheduled to be held from April 13 (Wed) to 16 (Sat) at INTEX Osaka. At the booth of Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation (B-4 in Hall 3), we display and demonstrate Robot-mounted Seam Welders, other Seam Welders and Spot Welders. Our prime exhibits this time are One-side Robot-mounted Seam Welder and Servo-pressure Stationary-type Spot Welder. We are eagerly looking forward to your visits. Attached please find its publicity handout for your reference.

November 9, 2015

International Robot Exhibition 2015 will be held from December 2 (Wed) to 5 (Sat) at Tokyo Big Site (East Exhibition Hall). In close collaboration with Nachi-Fujikoshi Corporation, we exhibit our Robot-mounted Seam Welder and Low-pressure One-side Spot Welder. For Robot-mounted Seam Welder: We are going to show you demonstrations of seam welding on fuel tanks. For Low-pressure One-side Spot Welder, you can enjoy our demonstrations of spot welding on pouch-shaped box-type containers. Please come and see ART-HIKARI’s new technologies on open display. We are looking forward to meeting you soon at the NACHI-FUJIKOSHI Booth.

May 20, 2015

We have so far posted on YouTube more than 30 video clips of our products that have been demonstrated at the various exhibitions. Our website now has the “YouTube” button at the bottom of the access tubs on the left of the initial screen, so that you can have quick access to them. Please refer to the video clips as needed.

August 20, 2014

We acquired three patents in April, May and June, 2014.

1) April, 2014: "Resistance Welding Equipment using the power-supply unit for resistance welding and the power supply" (Patent No. "5514505")
The patent was granted on High-speed Seam Welding by our seam welder using our high-performance inverter power supply.
2) May, 2014: "Heating Equipment for Resistance Welding, Particularly for partial quenching" (Patent No. "5550321")
The patent was granted on Low-pressure Contact-type Partial Heating System and its equipment using the resistance welding method.
3) June, 2014: "Lap Resistance Welding Method and Its Equipment" (Patent No. "5559624")
The patent was granted on the Welding Equipment that enables better welding by changing primary welding pressure, powering-on welding pressure and holding-time welding pressure in lap resistance welding.

March 21, 2014

"Japan International Welding Show 2014" is held at Tokyo Big Sight on April 23 (Wed) to 26 (Sat) this year. We demonstrate our Robot Seam Welders and One-side Spot Welders mounted on robots at the display booth of NACHI-FUJIKOSHI. This time, we emphasize demonstrations of: (1) our Manual-use One-side Spot Welders, (2) welding thin plates by Small-size Circular Seam Welder and (3) the tension tester that can easily check welding strength on your work site. Additionally, we exhibit our original Power Supply Controller (FFHC), Transformer (MFDC), and Housing for seam welders.

September 20, 2013

 In collaboration with Nachi-Fijikoshi Corporation, we are going to participate in the “International Robot Exhibition 2013” from November 6 through 9 at Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake, Japan. You can enjoy the demonstrational exhibition of ART-HIKARI’s Robot Seam Welder and One-side Spot Welder installed on Nachi’s robots. On this occasion, you will be able to encounter our seam-welding technology for specially-shaped work pieces as well as our spot-welding technology called Twin-spot Welder that can automatically change pitches during the welding process.
 Please come and see ART-HIKARI’s new technologies on open display at the NACHI-FUJIKOSHI Booth in the “International Robot Exhibition 2013” (November 6 – November 9, 2013).

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