spot welder


DC Spot Welder Power Capacity: from 50KVA to 300KVA
Sheet Thickness: from 0.1mm to 1.6mm
Material to be welded: General materials, High tension steel, Plated sheet steel, Titanium, Aluminum, etc.
Stationary Spot Welder
Servo Welding-force Type Spot Welder

Portable Welder with Built-in Transformer AC type, MFD type
Servo welding-force system
Excellent power saving and user-friendly
Lightweight compact
Remodeled Machine for Secondary Cable Type Gun
ART Portable Servo Gun
Portable Servo Gun for Car Industry
Single-sided Spot Welder Low welding-force control single-sided spot welder
Most suitable for box-shape goods
Power saving type
Single-sided Spot Welder

We design and manufacture the most appropriate welders as required by customers.

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Contact: TEL: 81-3-6420-0246 FAX: 81-3-6420-0247

Stationary Spot Welders are available with DC Transformer Type or Inverter Type and with Air-cylinder Welding-force System or Servo Welding-force System. The standard capacity ranges from 50KVA to 280KVA.
We design and manufacture the goods as per your required specifications.
Portable Guns have built-in transformers as our standard guns, available with AC Type or MFD Type and with Servo Welding-force System.
We also provide Low welding-force Single-sided Spot Welders.

Please feel free to contact us.

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