other products
Transformer Standardizing from 50KVA to 280KVA
Possible to design and manufacture other special products
MF Transformer(for Seam Welding)
MF Transformer (for Spot Welding)

Power Supply Possible to control 1ms and over
Synchronous with welding-force control
Various types available from 320A to 960A
MF Welding Controller
Motor 10KN welding force with 850W hollow motor
Servo Motor
Test Machine 2KN, 5KN, 10KN
Hydraulic Type, Motor Drive Type

ART Deposition Tester
ART Small-size Load Tester
Welding Force Monitor

We design and manufacture the most appropriate welders as required by customers.

Contact: TEL: 03-6420-0246 FAX: 03-6420-0247

Catalog in PDF format

We have succeeded in developing a small-size lightweight MFDC Transformer (3 KHz) for resistance welding.
We have also succeeded in developing a variable-frequency-type MFDC Controller (Power Supply) which can maximize the capability of this transformer.
While working on the development of a wide variety of welders, making use of this MFDC Transformer and Controller, we have developed a servo motor which can automatically change the welding force to fit for the particular resistance welding, thus resulting in revolutionizing the welding industry with the controllability of the 3 major elements: electric current, current-carrying time and welding force.

We are also manufacturing test machines to ensure welding quality.

Please feel free to contact us for details.

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