seam welder


Small-size AC Seam Welder Power Capability: from 25KVA to 100KVA
Sheet Thickness: from 0.1mm to about 1.6mm
speed: from 0.5m/min. to about 2m/min.
S-curve Seam Welder
Hoop Seam Welder
Micro Seam Welder
Self-propelled Seam Welder
Double Link Seam Welder
Corner Seam Welder
DC Seam Welder Single Phase DC: from 100KVA to 300KVA
Sheet Thickness: from 0.5mm to about 6mm
Speed: from 0.5m/min. to about 4m/min.
Vertical Seam Welder
Horizontal Seam Welder
Flat seam Welder
Elbow Seam Welder
Twin Seam Welder
High Speed Seam Welder 3 Phase Inverter: 180KVA
Sheet Thickness: from 0.5mm to about 1.2mm
Speed: about 20m/min.
High Speed Welder for Door Sash
Robot Seam Welder 3 Phase Inverter: from 130KVA to 180KVA
Sheet Thickness: from 0.5m to about 1.6mm
Speed: from 0.5m/min. to about 20m/min.
Robot Seam Welder for Car Body
Robot Seam Welder for Tank
Single-sided Robot Seam Welder

We design and manufacture the most appropriate welders as required by customers.

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Contact: TEL: 81-3-6420-0246 FAX: 81-3-6420-0247

We design and manufacture all types of small lightweight seam welders that enable welding from 0.1mm to 6mm thick plates. Many of our customers who used arc welding and other metal-joining methods have begun to employ seam welders in order to reduce costs.
We also manufacture special machines to help customers take on seam welders.

All those who would like to reduce costs, please feel free to contact us.

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The seam welders in these photos were designed for special applications. Please contact us for further information.