welder for robot

Welders for robots are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers, offering cost saving and rapid start for tank seam welding, plus downsizing production lines and improving manufacturing cost.
Spot welders are designed and manufactured, using our self-developed servo motors and the 5-step welding-force control system, thus resulting in realizing low deformation, low-heat input and low power consumption.
In addition, we have introduced the lightest weight welders in the world markets, using our self-developed MFDC transformers. We also have servo guns to be mounted on a 100kg transportable robot for welding aluminum sheets. We also have single-sided spot welders for robot applications available for spot welding with low welding force.
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Seam Welder Power Capacity: from 50KVA to 300KVA
Sheet Thickness: from 0.1mm to about 1.6mm
Weld Speed: Maximum 20 meters/minute
Material to be welded: General materials, High tension steel, Plated steel, Stainless steel,
Titanium, Aluminum, etc.
Robot Seam Welder for Car Body
Single-sided Seam Welder
Spot Welder 70KVA MFDC built-in transformer
Welding-force control spot welding
Single-sided spot welding
Servo Gun for Aluminum
Single-sided Spot Welder
X-gun type Servo Gun
C-gun type Servo Gun

We design and manufacture the most appropriate welders as required by customers.

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