Handling of Personal Information

We, ART-HIKARI Co., Ltd., carry out the following actions to protect our customers’ personal information such as full names, addresses and service contents required.

We, ART-HIKARI Co., Ltd., observe the laws and regulations for personal information and make all possible measures for protection of our customers’ personal information.

We, ART-HIKARI Co., Ltd., appropriately handle personal information within a scope of the following purposes.

* For identification of persons who have contacted us.

* For dispatch of greeting cards, necessary notices and requested documents.

* For other services from us.

* For sales recommendation, questionnaire survey and dispatch of free gifts
through communication media by telephone, e-mail or post.

To appropriately handle customers’ personal information, we, ART-HIKARI Co., Ltd., take measures to streamline our company regulations and management system, employee education as well as to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification or leak of it, and continue to review such measures, thus resulting in the protection of personal information being implemented.

To achieve the above-stated purposes of use, we, ART-HIKARI Co., Ltd., may entrust personal information to our subcontractors or business partners. In those cases, we choose companies which carry out complete protection of personal information and appropriately conclude contracts of the personal information protection with them.

Furthermore personal information may be provided to such public authorities as the police or courts in case they request information disclosure based on the laws and regulations of Japan.