We are committed to proposing better solutions with products professionally meeting our customers' requirements.
We value feedback from our customers and gather their candid opinions by and through doing market survey and test-marketing, using our self-developed cost-saving welders as well as welders from abroad.
We are engaging in our duty positively by satisfying our customers' requirements with our business motto: "Yes, we can!"
HEAD QUARTERS 2918, Oya-Cho, Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, 374-0054, Japan @ TEL@0276-71-1180@@FAX@0276-71-1182
TOKYO SALES BRANCH Living Life Osaki Bldg. 1F,@3-19-6, Nishi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, 141-0033, Japan@@TEL@03-6420-0246@ FAX 03-6420-0247
ESTABLISHMENT February in 1993
CAPITAL: 3 million yen
EMPLOYEE 11 (as of June, 2010)
BUSINESS: Design, manufacture and sales of resistance welding machines and appliances. Import and export of products related to welding machines.
Design, manufacture and sales of bending machines for thin steel sheets.
Design, manufacture and sales of various automated production lines.
Design, manufacture and sales of air conditioners and equipment.
Design, manufacture and sales of related jigs and carrier machines.
All business operations incidental to the above stated.
MAIN BANKS Gunma Bank (Tatebayashi Branch)
Saitama Risona Bank(Hanyu Branch)
Ashikaga Bank (Tatebayashi Branch)
MAJOR CUSTOMERS Aishin Seiki, Aitec, Akuzawa Seisakusho, Asano, Calsonic, Chofu Seisakusho, Daihatsu Motor, Faltec, Fuji Filter Kogyo, Fuji Heavy Industries,Hino Body, Hino Motor, Hitachi Seisakusho, Honda Engineering, Honda Motor, Honda R&D, Hyundai Motor, Ishii Sangyo, JFE, HitachiMetal,Katayama Kogyo, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kikuchi Press, Kobe Steel, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Fuso, Mitsubishi HeavyIndustries, Mitsubishi Motor, Mitsubishi-Hitachi, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Mossfil, Nakagawa Seisakusho, Nippon Steel, NissanAuto Body, Nissan Diesel, Nissan Motor, Ogura Metal, PanaHome, Saitama Kogyo, Sakamoto Kogyo, Sankei Giken Kogyo, Sanko Kogyo,Senda Industries, Shiroki, Sunaga Seisakusho, Suzuki Motor, Tamura Reinetsu, Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo, Tanaka, Tokyu Car, Toshiba,Tostem, Toyo Exterior, Toyota Auto Body, Toyota Motor, Tsuji Steel, Yachiyo Kogyo, etc.
MAJOR DEMO MACHINES High-speed robot seam, Single-sided seam, High-speed Horizontal seam, Vertical seam, Horizontal seam for aluminum, S-curve seam,Hoop joint seam, Stationery spot of servo welding-force type, Single-sided spot, Portable gun of servo welding-force type, Tensile tester, etc
(We can make test pieces for you, using the above-mentioned welders.).
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