Video 1 Seam Welding for Aluminum
Horizontal Seam Welding
Hoop Joint Seam Welding
Hoop Joint Small-size Seam Welding
High Speed Seam Welding
Video 2 Seam Welding for General Material
Seam Welding for Thick Plate
Self-propelled Small-size Seam Welder
Roll Spot Welding
Video 3 Seam Welding for Duct Elbow
Seam Welding for Valve
Seam Welding for SUS Metal Mesh
Twin Seam Welding
Reverse Incline Seam Welder
Video 4 Robot Seam Welding for Tanks
Robot Seam Welding for Car Bodies
One-side Robot Seam Welding
Other Info This is the video site address of"You Tubu"which a Japanese car maker has posted.

Please enjoy the videos of seam welding in action for general materials.
Almost all the welders in the videos can be demonstrated.

Please bring sample workpieces and we can do tests on them, so that you can actually see the weldability and productivity to increase production efficiency of your company.

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