trials and demostrations


We have about 20 kinds of welders at our headquarters factory which are always ready for demonstration.
We exert ourselves to research and develop new technologies to meet the customers' requirements.
We offer suggestions for such new technologies by providing test pieces whenever required.
Please feel free to contact us for details.

The catalogs shown in PDF format can be demonstrated.

Contact: TEL: 03-6420-0246 @FAX: 03-6420-0247

SPOT WELDER DC Servo Welding-force Stationary Spot Welder Welding Force: 10KN (Programmable Welding Forcej
Secondary Current: 25KA
General Materials, Zinc-coated Steel Sheet, SUS, Aluminum, etc.
Stack Welding for 5-layer SUS, Aluminum Spot
Servo Portable Gun Welding Force: 4KN
Secondary Current: 18KA
Depth: 350mm
General Materials, Plated Sheet Steel, SUS, etc.
Stack Welding for 3 Layers
Low Welding-force Spot Welder Welding Force: Forced by hand (0.05KN) ` Forced by air cylinder (0.1KN)
Secondary Current: 12KA
Ultrathin Workpieces
Workpieces to which welding force cannot be applied
SEAM WELDER Small-size Seam Welder S-curve Seam Welder Welding Force: 2.5KN
Secondary Current: 15KA
About 1mm-thick SUS
Small-size Workpieces
Hoop Joint Seam Welder Welding Force: 1.5KN
Secondary Current: 10KA
Thin-sheet Hoop Joint Welding
SUS Mesh, Copper Alloy Sheets
Others Micro Seam Self-propelled Seam Double Link Seam Welder Elbow Seam Welder
DC Seam Welder Seam Welder for Aluminum Welding Force: 10KN
Secondary Current: 30KA
About 2mm-thick Aluminum
Vertical Seam Welder Welding Force: 10KN
Secondary Current: 30KA
Possible to weld about 4.5mm-thick workpieces
Flat Seam Welder Welding Force: 10KN
Secondary Current: 30KA
Sub Fuel Tank
High-speed Inverter Seam Welder Welding force: 6KN
Secondary Current: 30KA
High-speed Welding: 20 meters/minute
ROBOT WELDER Robot Seam Welder Welding force: 4KN
Secondary Current: 20KA
Auto Body, Fuel Tank
Single-sided Seam Welder Welding Force: 2.5KN
Secondary Current: 8KA
Kitchen Articles
Single-sided Spot Welder Welding Force: 0.2KN
Secondary Current: 12KA
Thin Sheets, One Flawless Surface

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